About BIMS

The Biobank Information Management System (BIMS) is a cutting-edge software solution designed to revolutionize the management of biospecimens and sensitive biometric data within biobanks. By utilizing BIMS, researchers can harness the power of these resources for innovative and future-focused research endeavors.

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Speciment and aliquot management

The centralized storage capabilities of BIMS allow for the seamless management of speciments and aliquots across multiple locations, all accessible from one user-friendly platform. Its robust structure guarantees a high degree of availability and security for all users, instilling confidence in the system's reliability.

Secured data collection

BIMS offers secured traceability of critical data throughout its entire lifecycle-from collection and processing to storage and distribution-ensuring that all research conducted is ethical, reproducible, and of the highest quality.


BIMS excels in managing specimens with traceability and centralized storage. It supports customizable workflows and user management, ensuring secure interoperability. With built-in analytics and reporting features, it offers a robust, fault-tolerant system for reliable research infrastructure.

Traceability of each specimen and aliquot
Centralized storage management
Workflow support
Customizable user management
Interoperability with high level of security
Built-in Analytics & Reporting features
Robust, fault tolerant system



Our team

Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions for Biobank Information Management Systems (BIMS). With our deep expertise in digital health and smart register technology, we manage every phase of the BIMS project lifecycle-from initial consultation and system design to implementation, integration, and ongoing support. Our approach ensures that each BIMS solution is not only tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients but also fully integrated with their existing workflows and systems, facilitating seamless data management and operational efficiency.

With backgrounds as researchers, technical engineers, and software architects, we possess a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of biobanking. Our collective experience in development and data management is extensive, enabling us to contribute significantly to the advancement of smart registers and digital health solutions. Renowned for our proficiency in data analytics, we are adept at deciphering complex datasets to unearth valuable insights.

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